Nintendo 3DS Hottest Games

In the world of gaming, age is definitely just a number. This is especially true in the world of Nintendo handheld consoles where you will see as many middle-aged game players as there are kids, and it’s totally understandable. When you have a gaming device that regularly updates its game list, you simply cannot help but push those buttons and take a video game journey for hours!

In the past years, Nintendo has updated its handheld consoles, making one iteration after another to improve features and enhance graphics. The Nintendo 3DS series, with the two versions, the original 3DS and 3DS XL, ranks competitively in the handheld console market. Nintendo has just announced that 3DS made it to the top of its 2013 list of best-performing consoles, reaching sales of up to 11 million units. Owners hailed 3DS and R4 3DS XL for their large 3D screens displaying amazing and vibrant graphics, together with their high-end processor permitting faster and smoother download and play. But features alone will not sustain the 3DS lineage, especially when you have Sony PSP Vita and PSP Go to compete with. Nintendo seems to know this very well and has, in fact, unstoppably released 3DS games to the advantage of its users.

Here are three of Nintendo’s hottest games:

Legend of Zelda: The Link Between Worlds

Number one on the list is the decade-old classic, The Legend of Zelda. Its far-reaching popularity proves the applicability of the saying, ‘The older, the better,’ to the world of gaming. The Link Between Worlds is a sequel to Zelda’s A Link to the Past that was long released a decade ago. Its adaptation is truly a bold move for Nintendo but it paid off! What seems to be working well on this particular game is its omission of four or five-liner speeches from irrelevant characters, giving players more time to get on with the mission. The fast-paced game is made possible by quick travels between locations and easy acquisition of almost every item in the game. As the title suggests, it allows players to access the other dimension without need of unlocking specific items. The hero of the game, Link, embarks on a journey to take down a unique foe, who has been sending the Hyrulians into the dark world after sealing them in paintings.

Pokemon Y

Bagging the second spot is one of the latest versions of the undying Pokemon games, the Pokemon Y. As one of its few new features, the beloved Pokemon Y presents a noticeably shinier coat of paint for its graphics. But generally, it’s still the same adventure you have been playing maybe tons of times already. You still move from town to town, battling with all sorts of Pokemon trainers, stealing their badges after several successful bouts. The only major change with Pokemonis the introduction of the Mega Evolution phase where pokemons are equipped with new abilities and stats. The catch? Mega Stones that enable Mega Evolution can only be found between 8 or 9 in the evening after Sycamore has upgraded your Mega-Ring.

Bravely Default

Another popular game on 3DS is Bravely Default by Square Enix. This simple yet elegant game caught the attention of handheld console gamers for being similar to Final Fantasy created almost 30 years ago. The most attractive component is its storytelling capability, enhanced by the world of monsters and magic. It’s a journey of four young warriors who try to save the world by preventing the total destruction of the four sacred crystals. They face tough battles along the way but there is a spice of fun to the game, making it more exciting than the Final Fantasy.