The introduction of R4 by Nintendo was very much useful for the gamers who used Nintendo’s hand held gaming consoles. Later, Nintendo introduced R4 3DS which is even better than the previous one. There are a lot of advantages a gamer can enjoy by having an R4 3DS card. Here you are going to read … Read more

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Are you a proud owner of a Nintendo 3DS? Do you also happen to have an R4 3DS card? If so, what capacity of microSD card did you put in? The general consensus is that most people plug in 32GB of microSD card capacity in their R4 3DS cards. To them, this is the sweet … Read more

Star Wars is one of the most lucrative franchises in the world. George Lucas, the creator of the film, has garnered millions of dollars just by creating Star Wars movies. Since then, a lot of video game companies create games based on the popular movie. LEGO is another franchise that has enjoyed millions of sales. … Read more

Most mobile phone signal boosters today now boost 4G and LTE signals. But, with this new feature, the prices of mobile phone signal booster spiked as a result. That is really good and all, but if you’re not willing to dish out extra cash just to boost the usual 2G frequency, then this signal booster … Read more

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New upgrade case: I believe the DSi is an extremely stable game device. I understand the models in our home have reached the floor countless times and remain to operate perfectly. The case was designed to endure the suffering that a youngster’s game would maintain, but this isn’t going to prevent all damage. With the … Read more

La coque Samsung Galaxy S4 est utilisée à la fois pour protéger votre appareil et pour lui créer un style décoratif unique. Le Galaxy S4 est plus qu’un téléphone. En effet, si on est tous d’accord avec l’idée que les fonctions primaires d’un téléphone se résumaient à appeler, écrire un message ou même faire une photo, … Read more

Nintendo 3DS Hottest Games In the world of gaming, age is definitely just a number. This is especially true in the world of Nintendo handheld consoles where you will see as many middle-aged game players as there are kids, and it’s totally understandable. When you have a gaming device that regularly updates its game list, … Read more